Oh my, for those living in South Florida, this weekend was beautiful – nice breeze, mild sunshine & no clouds. I had to take advantage – so I got a few things together & hung out at the beach.


First stop was, Arbua’s on the beach for a drink – Mango Margarita to be exact!! Why not celebrate this tropical place with a tropical fruity drink…yummy.


Next was finding a great place to lay down my towel. I found this quiet spot between the palm trees that had a breeze that would rock any baby to sleep. I turned on my radio, got out my book from by bag but within minutes, I was fast alseep. lol


I thought I heard a baby crying, so I awoke to see a shovel & foam floater but no kids near me. I guess it came from somewhere down the beach..I walked to the ocean line & dipped my feet into the water – chilly as always – then decided to pack it up after 2 hours. No cares, no worries, no rushing – just the sand, the seagulls & me!


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